Do you have questions about Etherna? check out our FAQ for some answers!

01) What is Etherna?

Etherna is an ecosystem, a world, a new vision. We believe in freedom of expression, collaboration and people. Now we are a video platform, and in the future who knows, maybe your next browser. Who knows? We do!

02) I read that there are no advertisements, is it true?

Etherna will not contain advertisements of any kind. We believe it's the worst way to support your creators and ideas, as well as being incredibly annoying. Then there is also that question of privacy and being tracked, but maybe they are not very important, right?

03) Is it a paid platform? If so, how does it work?

Yes, but you do not pay for the content as if it were a rental or a subscription, but for the data traffic used to view the content. We speak in the order of cents. Exactly those of the rest that you throw away, so now you know how to use them.

04) So are my data really permanent?

Since Etherna is a decentralized platform, the data is fragmented and distributed across the network. Which means that we could not delete your data even if we wanted to. In short, pay attention to what you upload, because you will be directly responsible for it!

05) Decentralized? What does it mean?

Unlike other video platforms or websites, our content will not be kept on specific servers in our possession, but in a network of nodes around the world called Swarm. You can even open your own and expand the network!

06) Swarm? I don't like bees.

Very bad! They are an important part of our natural ecosystem :slight_smile:. Swarm is a peer to peer system (or P2P for friends) capable of distributing data storage without the use of centralized servers. We recommend you take a look at their website to find out more about Swarm https://ethswarm.org.

07) Open source? What does it mean? Is it something you can eat?

No it's not a dessert (unfortunately). It means that the project is open to everyone. Anyone can have access to our source codes and contribute to the progress of the platform. We believe that an open system can help Etherna to grow steadily and better than traditional methods. Recommended by 9 out of 10 programmers.

08) How does Etherna guarantee the privacy of its users?

Etherna is based on the "privacy by default" paradigm we will not collect data about you, nor about your navigation. Also because we don't care about your favorite categories ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

09) What is meant by "free platform"? Which contents are allowed and which are not?

Any illegal content will (obviously) not be allowed in our index, but we will never limit your thinking or your way of being. However, we have devised a series of tools to create the best possible environment. In principle, just don't be rogue.

10) You talked about the index, what is it?

This is easily answered! You have to imagine the index as a "collector" in which you can find your favorite videos. It contains communities, comments, votes and allows all users looking for inspiration to explore new content. Let yourself be carried away by the tide!

11) How does the registration on the site work?

We want to provide users with the best possible experience on our platform. You can decide to register in the classic way using a username and password, use the login from one of your favorite social networks or use a "WEB 3.0" system via a wallet with a unique access key. Spoiler, the last is the coolest method! 😎

12) You are a web 3 project, why don't you have a token?

A good question with a simple answer: we don't need it.

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