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Etherna is a transparent video platform for CREATORS and USERS where
freedom of expression is incentivized, not convicted.

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We are close to launch the first release of Etherna.

During the initial Alpha phase the number of users will be limited.

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Your channel, your narrative. We believe in freedom of speech.

Censorship Resistant

We host data on a decentralized storage, and no one has the ability to remove any content, not even us.

No shadow banning

Be free to post whatever you want. We won't ban any content as long as it's legal.

Freedom of Speech

Upload what you enjoy to do. No videos will be censored. Everyone should be entitled to their own idea.

Open Source

All source code from our platform will be published on GitHub, and will be available and visible to anyone.

Community Based

All our decisions will be shared transparently with the help of users in our social platforms.

#For Creators and Users

Our vision is a future where the web is clear of invasive banners and where everyone supports content creators.

No Ads

Watch any videos without distractions and targeted advertising. You will be free to watch any content without annoying time-wasting ads.


Creators can express themself with no concerns about the future of their account.

Supported by Viewers

Paying a very small amount – based on the lot of time and quality of resources – we shall be able to sustain our project and creators too!.

Scalable Revenue

Thanks to a pay per use model users can expect to have reasonable costs while at the same time generating revenue to support further development and our content creators as well.


Web3 refers to the next generation of the web, where you own your data and you decide how to use it.

Decentralized Content

Every assets on Etherna, from your avatar to your videos, are stored on a decentralized file system call Swarm. We can't delete anything.

Permanent Data

Videos cannot be deleted from our decentralized storage. This means that you'll be responsible for what you upload.


We provide an indexing protocol that everyone can modify and extend, so users can change the index to their favorite one and enjoy the content they like.

Custom Index

You can specify an index different from ours. That means everyone can build their own index and share it, making the users access completely different contents.

Custom Gateway

You can also specify a different Swarm Gateway to download assets and videos.

  1. Phase 1Q1 2020CompletedGalileoResearch - Design - MVP
  2. Phase 2Q2 2023CompletedSnowdenFirst public release (private invite)
  3. Phase 3Q2 2024DevelopingSatoshiPayment system (private invite)
  4. Phase 4n.d.To Be DefinedAssangeMultimedia Improvement (public invites)
  5. Phase 5n.d.To Be DefinedGandhiCommunity Frames (public invites)
  6. Phase 6n.d.To Be DefinedMandelaPre-release (public invites)
  7. Phase 7n.d.To Be Defined“Tank Man” of Tiananmen SquarePublic release


  • Swarm Grants

    We have been chosen among the best projects to receive a Grant from Swarm

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  • Devcon Archive

    The entire Devcon video archive in now hosted on Etherna

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#Towards infinity and beyond!

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